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Video Production Using Unity Course


Projects in the Course

You Will Learn to Produce Cool Videos Using Unity!

Stranger Things Inspired Teaser

You will learn to use timeline, cinemachine and smart use of plugin assets to create animated sequence like this

Game Play With Scripted Events Based Teaser

You will learn to script events and record your gameplay to achieve the sequence you want, then edit in premiere

Using VR to Animate Characters

You will learn to use VR headsets to animate and interact with the environment while recording to create the video you need

angry soldier 2.png

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Video Production Using Game Engines is a Growing Trend

In this course, you will learn not only cinematic tools like Cinemachine and Timeline inside of Unity, but also how to use plugin assets to rapidly create the sequences you need and how you can record gameplay and scripting to produce the cool videos you need.

You will also learn basics of Reallusion Character Creator and Adobe Premiere.

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